Join Me At VMworld – Event broker group discussion has been added!

Well VMworld is finally here this month and I’m in full preparation for my breakout session with Paul, meetings with customers, and all around fun in Las Vegas! If you followed any of my earlier posts you’ll likely recall that I had submitted a number of sessions but due to the limited slots I couldn’t get one focused the Event Broker.

Well after some hard work behind the scenes I did get lucky enough to have an additional Group Discussion added to the agenda. If you’re available and want to enjoy a group discussion around the best part of vRA please register. Seats are limited (I believe the room is 50 or less) so sign up fast before they run out.

As always, if you see me anywhere out in Vegas and you follow the site please don’t hesitate to stop by and say hi!

Here’s link to both my sessions that you can sign up for


If you want to check out the container as a service break out with Paul and I go


Last but not least is my EB group discussion

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