Motorcloud returns to VMworld

That’s right Motorcloud 2.0 is going to be on display this year with Jay Marshall (now with google) and myself presenting some great devops strategies for your private, hybrid, and public cloud consumption.

We will highlight using the automation tools to enable “Mode 1” test and dev on both vSphere and vCloud Air. Then we will dive into the “Mode 2” model and highlight how Project Photon and containers will be enable the next gen workloads on every cloud. Highlighting vSphere, vCA, and GCE.

Follow the link below to register, thanks for your continued support and I’ll see you all at VMworld!

HBC5784 – Extend Your Development and Testing Practices to vCloud Air
Enterprises today are looking to take advantage of modern technologies to achieve a more agile and respsonsive development practice, but often struggle to integrate with incompatible cloud environments. In this session, learn how companies with on-premises vSphere environments can adopt the cloud for Development and Testing by using a more compatible cloud: vCloud Air. You’ll learn how using a compatible cloud enables consistent testing for applications through simple migration of workloads without reconfiguration, how to develop new applications born in the cloud using new VMware-baesd container technology like Project Photon, and how to leverage the cloud for migrations and packaged application upgrades with minimal downtime.

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