Getting more out of vRA

Well I’m sure you’ve been waiting and now it’s finally here a full deployment walkthrough of vRA 6.2.1 on April 8th. You will also notice that every two weeks we will be building on top of this initial session.

Take a look below and register, can’t wait to see you there!

Getting More Out Of VMware – Webinar

VMware’s technical team will help you gain maximum value from your VMware solutions.

These sessions, led by VMware Cloud Specialist Systems Engineers, help you learn about and more effectively utilize VMware vRealize™ solutions, speeding your ability to get a return on your investment.


Topic: vRealize Automation 6.2: Installation and Configuration

The recently released VMware vRealize™ Automation™ 6.2 provides a robust and powerful cloud management platform that is aimed at reducing time to delivery of your IT services. In this session, you will run through the entire installation and configuration of the product as well as any supporting products needed.


In this session you will learn:

  • Installation and setup for your lab environment
  • Initial configuration for your first tenant, reservation, and blueprint
  • Deployment of your first VM

Register Below for the “vRealize Automation 6.2 Installation and Configuration” Webinar.

Future Webinar Schedule:

April 22nd – vR Automation: No Scripting Required, Fully automated Self Service with Policies.

May 5th – An Introduction to Customizing and Extending vRealize Automation

May 20th – vR Automation: Integrate with Anything

June 3rd – vR Automation: Cloud Business Management (vRealize Business)

June 17th – Using vRealize Automation and NSX to Deploy and Secure Multi-tiered Applications



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