vRealize Automation Suite Upgrade – part 4

Over the next few posts we will focus on the install, config, and upgrade of the vRealize Automation components. Starting here we will step through a multi-part series for the complete update for SSO, vCAC, IaaS, App Services, and ITBM Std. Additionally if you would rather have a video than this multi-part walk through guide online I have captured and published it to youtube.

In part 4 we will focus on the upgrade of the ITBM component. If you haven’t completed the upgrade of the SSO,vCAC appliances, and Windows IaaS server, then please go back to part 1 and 2 before proceeding!

Now with that out of the way let’s start the process for ITBM
Start by logging into the web management interface in my example I go to https://itbm-va.biteback.records:5480
Now go the Update tab – Status – Check for Updates
01 updates

Once the Available Updates appears click the Install Updates and confirm
02 confirm

This banner will appear until the update is complete, please be patient it will take a fair bit of time
03 banner

Once this process is complete the “System reboot is required…” will appear
04 reboot

Go to the System tab -> reboot -> reboot
05 reboot confirm

In my environment after the update I found this error, typically this is caused by time sync being off
06 error page

To solve it I log into the console of the ITBM appliance and execute the rcntp addserver command so I am using the same server that I have for my SSO and vCAC appliances. I then restart the service and reboot for good measure.
07 rcntp

Once the reboot is complete you will see this page in the console
08 reboot complete

Finally I closed and reopened my browser (I have found cache will cause the page not to refresh properly in some browsers) and go to my Business Management tab
09 biz mgmt view

You have now officially upgrade all of the automation components of the vRealize suite!

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