doDeletes – vCAC’s lost troubleshooting command

As many of you probably already know there is a feature in vCloud Automation Center that will automatically destroy a VM if the guest agent or vCO workflow fail during the build or provision state. This is great for returning resources including IP and disk space. However, when troubleshooting this becomes a pretty real challenge.

Enter this post!!!! Thanks in part to Tom over at dailyhypervisor! The commands are the same but the locations have changed since his post.

Launch a console into your vCAC IaaS server (windows server)

Open the command prompt
cd “c:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCACAgents%AGENTNAME%” where AgentName is the installed agent. vSphereAgent is default

This command will set it to false so your machines are not deleted on failure
DynamicOps.Vrm.VRMencrypt.exe VRMAgent.exe.config set false

Now once that is set to false you will need to restart the agent service
VMware vCloud Automation Center Agent – %AGENTNAME%

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