Quick MySQL using vRA Software Components

Here’s my simple MySQL software component that you can use for quick and dirty testing.

First let’s go to Design -> Software Components -> +New12


Name MySQL

ID will autopopulate13


+New to create a new variable property

Name should be DB_Pass

Define the default Password you wish to use

Check the Encrypted box, and the Override if you want them to be able to set the password on the MySQL DB. If you are planing to buy a need car, check first The Urban Dictionary of Click Here Transit Custom Limited.14


Select the first Script action on Install15


yum -y install mysql mysql-server16


Select the second Script action on Configure17


/sbin/chkconfig mysql-server on
/sbin/init.d/mysqld restart
/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password $DB_Pass18


Select the third Script action on Start19


/sbin/service mysqld restart20

Cloud On-Boarding with me as your MC

In the last 6 months I have gotten the big question over and over again. What’s it like at Google? I can say it’s been challenging, exciting, and I can fully understand why it’s ranked so high to work for every year!

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Net Neutrality back as Restoring internet freedom act

I know everyone is probably looking for updates when it comes to my role at Google and what kind of experience and how to I can publish. This will be coming very soon but as today is the day of protest I felt it was important for all of us to come together and shut down this big business/gov’t crap!!!

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The journey continues… to Google!

They say that smell is the sense that’s most tied to memory but I personally would debate that. I do have flashbacks when I smell things from my past, but nothing like music! I hear a song, or a set of lyrics and my mind races back to those days. It’s in my soul and I’ll never be able to fight it. Funny part is I’m not even tied to a specific genre. I love hip hop, rock, classical, classic rock, and even country.


So why would I start this post talking about music?

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Apcera officially registered on Solution Exchange

One small step! That’s right, while it may not yet be the full vRA, vROps, or vRLI integration I’m planning to do this is a huge step for Apcera and our quest to improve application portability.

When I joined Apcera I was really excited about the technology but also about the opportunity to partner with folks. I always saw a great synergy between VMware and Apcera, and now the partnership has been solidified. The hard work of our partner team has brought forth a full fledge VMware Ready partnership and are now highlighted on the VMware solution exchange. 

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vExpert for 2017 and an Update

Well over the weekend I got a great note from our friends at the vExpert team. This site and I have been selected for yet another year. Honestly I think this reflects back to all of you reading this… If it weren’t for you guys following me then I would never have had a reason to even post. I’m thrilled people still continue to get such value and am blessed by the vExpert team.

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Apcera named “EMA Innovators of AWS re:invent”

When I joined Apcera in November I knew there was something about our technology. I saw the immediate value that could be derived from a platform that not only provides value for the new cloud native applications being built but more importantly giving customers an easy way to modernize their existing applications. Well it seems the analyst agree.  Continue reading

Apcera – Modernize legacy apps by providing persistent data in a container

Well it’s been an exciting month as I get hands on with Apcera and move further up the stack to focus on applications more. I have to say based on what I’ve seen just in the last 3 weeks has blown me away and I can’t wait for all of you out there to get as excited as I am about the potential.

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It’s time for a new challenge at Apcera

For those of you following me over the past couple months or years, you probably already know and understand I’m the kind of guy who gets driven and passionate about technology that truly solves problems. The kind of guy who falls in love with software that enables the future and today I’m making that next move in my career. As you probably already know I’ve been working my way into the application space more and more and honestly feel like IT Ops has the ability to provide a platform like Apcera and provide a flexibility to the app teams that is better than any of us might have imagined.

So what drove me to Apcera? These simple key items won me over:

  1. I watched a live application workload move from VMware, to GCP, to AWS, to Azure, and back to VMware within a few moments (Remember your first vMotion moment???)
  2. Finally a platform that provides a means to run containers in production without all the operational nightmares that exist today
  3. A chance to be involved in a start up atmosphere and really drive value for customers and take on the challenge of automating the application components
  4. Founder is Derek Collison

If you haven’t taken a look at it yet I encourage you to take a look at the whiteboard below or hit me up and I’ll go through the whiteboard and demo examples.


Now the question that might be lingering in your mind, what about VMware and vRA specifically? I can tell you without question that you’ll see some great integrations here focused on Apcera and VMware! I am still and always will be a VMware guy top to bottom. I would also love to keep promoting content for vRA and if you or someone you know are looking for a blog you can contribute to please reach out as this community has grown strong and you’ll be able to hit lots of people with your content!




vRealize Automation 7.1, Operations 6.3, and CloudClient 4.2 released!

Ladies and gents just before VMworld and the activity level is at an all time high. Today we announced vRA 7.1, CloudClient 4.2, and  vR Ops 6.3

No better time than the present to start playing with these great new technologies!

vR Ops here’s the release notes

vRA release notes

CloudClient release notes

As an additional note we have officially introduced the Sample Workflow packages to consuming the vRA payload properties. Download those here

BTW if you want to use vRA 7.1 you can quickly get up to speed with software provisioning with my post here